How Much it Costs to Rent a Botnet to DDoS

Internet security threat researchers identified Russian hackers who are offering access to malware-infected computers for rent. According to Webroot, the cost to rent a botnet depends on where the infected computers are located. These botnets can be used a various purposes, but are mostly used to attack servers in a distributed denial-of-service (DDos) attack.

The price to rent 1,000 infected computers in the United States costs $180. If the hosts are located in the United Kingdom, the price is $240. France and Russia both costs $200, Canada costs $270, and 1,000 infected computers located around the world costs $35. There is a daily limit of 20,000 hosts.

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Source: Dancho Danchev, “Cybercriminals sell access to tens of thousands of malware-infected Russian hosts,” Webroot Threat Blog, September 23, 2013.