Hostess Earnings in Ginza, Tokyo

Media reports from Japan state that a woman working at a hostess club in the high-end entertainment city of Ginza, Japan, can make over $19,500 (2 Million Japanese Yen) a month. A top hostess who is able to bring in numerous high- spending customers is able to earn up to $97,000 (10 Million Yen) a month in bonuses.

There are about 2,000 bars and clubs in the Ginza district.

Many of the companies that operate hostess bars in Japan have been accused by security officials of tax evasion activities. Financial authorities in April 2014 brought charges to 5 clubs that were accused of not paying $1.7 Million (175 Million Yen) in income tax.

(Earnings of various jobs on the black market.)

Source:  Yomimuri Shimbun, “Ginza club ‘mama’ suspected of ¥175 mil. tax evasion,” Japan News, April 25, 2014.