Price of a High Class Escort in Brazil

Security investigators in Brazil broke up a high-end prostitution ring that was employing cover girls and models who were regularly appearing on television. These women were providing sexual services to businessmen and politicians in Europe and Africa.

The women were believed to have been paid as much as $100,000 a week for their services. They would travel abroad for up to 10 days. Most of the women traveled to Angola, where the customers were located.

(Cost to buy a prostitute around the world.)

The prostitution ring reportedly made up to $45 Million (£28 Million) between 2007 and the time it shut down in 2013. When the ring was busted, police found 11 luxury cars, 23 passports, 14 visa entry cards for Angola, and foreign currency and illegal drugs.

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Source:  Matt Roper, “Police smash high class prostitution ring that paid well-known Brazilian models £60,000 a WEEK to ‘service’ clients around the world,” Daily Mail, October 25, 2013.