Heroin Addiction and Arrests in Louisville, Kentucky

In 2008, the police department in Louisville, Kentucky arrested 32 people for heroin charges. In 2012, the number of heroin arrests increased to 779, a 2,334 percent increase.

In addition to the rise in arrests, the number of heroin seized by police has risen as well. In 2008, police seized 104.4 grams of heroin. In 2012, the amount of heroin seized increased to 7,087 grams, an increase of 6,688 percent.

(Street prices of heroin worldwide.)

In some Louisville Police Department Districts, police attribute 80 percent of thefts and burglaries to heroin addicts looking to make money in order to feed their habit.

At one drug abuse center, the director told the press that up to 90 percent of their calls are related to heroin addiction.

Source: ¬†Erick Flack, “Heroin use skyrockets impacting families, community,” WAVE 3 News, February 11, 2013.