Extortion in a Guatemalan Prison

In court testimony, a extortionist working in a Guatemalan prison explained the process of how he joined an extortion network that was operating within the Guatemalan criminal justice system.

During his testimony, the extortionist stated that on a bad week, he would make at least $6,000,and was able to get a single victim to pay $12,000.

The network of 21 prisoners would call individuals, families and businesses in Guatemala and neighboring El Salvador. The victims would then pay the money to outside members who would deposit the funds into the network’s bank accounts.

Other extortion gangs operating from prison were reportedly demanding up to $500,000 from businesses in El Salvador.

(Under the table jobs and other criminal profits.)

Source:  Marguerite Cawley, “Guatemala Prisoner Details Operations of Extortion Ring,” Insight Crime, August14, 2013.