Websites Selling Fake Goods who Advertised on Google

In 2013, over 350 million ads were taken down and removed by Google for promoting websites that sells counterfeit goods or were offering suspect downloads or other malicious activities. The number of ads taken down by Google in 2013 was an increase from the 220 million ads taken down in 2012.

Back in 2012, the number of advertisers dropped by Google was over 850,000. In 2013, less malicious advertisers attempted to get their ads into the Adwords network as a little over 270,000 advertisers were dropped.

14,000 advertisers were banned for attempting to sell counterfeit goods in 2013, a decline of over 80 percent of 2012.

In addition, over 200,000 websites and over 250,000 publisher accounts were kicked off the ad network for artificially inflating their ad revenue through click fraud or placing ads on sites that violated Google’s term of use.

Source:  Alistar Barr, “Google steps up fight against ‘bad’ ad barrage,” USA Today,