Fact Book on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Factbook

Human Trafficking: Prices and Statistics of the Modern Day Slave Trade

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How much does it cost to buy a human? In Greece, a trafficker paid a birth mother $4,100 for her new born baby. A woman in Moscow was selling girls from Moldova for $2,865 to human traffickers. And in Colombia, men are paying criminal gangs up to $2,600 in an online auction in order to have sex with a virgin girl.

In Human Trafficking: Prices and Statistics of the Modern Day Slave Trade, key facts, information, and prices of the global human trafficking market are reported in this brief book. Compiled by our staff, the various cases and stories of human trafficking have been collected from government reports, news stories, and other public documents about modern day slavery.

Presenting true stories about sex trafficking, child begging rings, and forced marriage, this short and easy-to-read briefing book includes information such as:

-How many people are working under forced labor conditions around the world.
-How much profit is made from sex slaves and trafficking victims.
-How much does a teenage girl who is forced into the prostitution industry earn for her trafficker?
-How much child beggars earn per day in organized child begging rings.
-The price a mother receives when selling her virgin daughter to a human trafficker.

And much more information about women and child trafficking in America, Asia, and around the world.

In total, there are over 100 documented sources about human trafficking listed in this fact book. These facts and figures can help any student, researcher, or interested person learn more about the modern day slavery.

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