Elephants for Sale in India

Security services in India broke up a wildlife trafficking ring that were illegally selling elephants from the Indian state of Assam.

The traffickers were offering adult elephants for sale at prices between $22,572 to $33,841 (1 Million to 1.5 Million Indian Rupees). The price to buy a calf elephant was half the price of the adult. According to police, the costs to buy an elephant has risen in the past several years due to increased demand.  Some of the elephant traffickers even print up business cards in order to advertise their services.

Wildlife officials estimated that up to 25 to 30 elephants are taken out of Assam each year and sold to in the illegal wildlife trade.

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Source: Subir Bhaumik, “India police discover elephant smuggling racket,” BBC News, November 3, 2010.