Information, statistics, and the effects of the ecstasy listed below have been collected from government reports, drug addiction and treatment programs, and other public documents. To read more about the fact, click on the value number to see the original source.

Ecstasy Facts

  1. Black market value$16.07 Billion
  2. Ecstasy Abusers in the United Kingdom586,000 in 2008
  3. Ecstasy Addiction in Indonesia950,000 people
  4. Ecstasy Drug Use by Teens in BC, Canada15%
  5. Ecstasy Drug Use in USA1.4% of population tried it once
  6. Ecstasy in Ibiza40,000 sold each day at 5 Euros per pill
  7. Ecstasy Market in Ireland129 Million Euros
  8. Ecstasy Overdose Deaths in Australia108 between 2000 to 2008
  9. Ecstasy Overdose Deaths in BC, Canada20 people per year
  10. Ecstasy Overdose ER Visits10,176 in 2011 of under 21 year olds
  11. Ecstasy Tablets Seized in Brazil194,000 in 2011
  12. Ecstasy Tablets Seized in USA15 Million in 2010
  13. Ecstasy Users19.5 million worldwide
  14. Ireland Ecstasy Users0.5% of population
  15. Seizures in Costa Rica292 pills in 2012, 11,300 in 2013
  16. Top Ecstasy Drug Trafficking CountriesBelguim, Canada, Netherlands
  17. Users in Costa Rica300,000

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