DVD Sales in Ahmedabad, India

The illegal trade in pirated DVDs in Ahmedabad, India is estimated to be worth $18 Million (1 Billion Indian Rupees). There are over 200 street vendors and 100 shops that sell pirated movies on DVDs in the city.The stores sell pirated movies of Bollywood films, Hollywood movies, television shows and porn.

A  seller told the media that he sells around 100 DVDs a day and makes between $0.36 to $0.54 (20 to 30 Rupees) for each pirated copy he sells. Out of that total, he pays the police $0.18 (10 Rupees) as a bribe.

 (Examples of police and political corruption.)

Source:  Parth Shastri, “Pirated DVD market is more than Rs 100 crore in size annually,” Times of India, August24, 2012.