Drug trade deaths in Mexico in 2011

Various media outlets in Mexico reported that around 12,000 people were killed in Mexico in 2011 due to drug trafficking violence.

Reforma, a daily newspaper, reported 12,359 people being killed in 2011 due to drug-related violence, an increase of 6.3 percent from 2010. The paper recorded 2,275 killings related to drugs in 2007.

Reforma also reported that 1,079 dead bodies showed signs of torture. Almost 600 bodies were found with their heads cut off, up from the 389 beheadings recorded in 2010. And over 900 of the dead bodies were women.

The paper Daily Milenio counted 12,284 deaths due to the drug trade in Mexico in 2011, with the paper La Jornada recored 11,890 deaths during the year.

Source: William Booth, “In Mexico, 12,000 killed in drug violence in 2011,” Washington Post, January 2, 2012.