Drug Dealer Earnings in Australia

A drug dealer in Australia stated that he makes up to $30,000 (35,000 Australian Dollars) a week selling cocaine to users across the country.

(Income from illegal jobs.)

Criminal justice programs in Australia have reported that the amount of cocaine entering the country has increased in recent years. In 2011, border security officials detected 486 incidents of cocaine entering Australia. In 2012, the number of cocaine detections increased to 979. In addition to the increase in cocaine entering the county, drug dealers have stated that they have enough cocaine stockpiled to last 18 months.

It was previously reported that the cocaine abusers in Australia had a higher than average income. However, authorities in Australia have found that cocaine use is spreading out to working class areas.

(How much does cocaine cost?)

Source:  “Cocaine has become Sydney’s drug of choice with drug dealers reaping up to $35,000 a week from users,” News.co.au, February 1, 2014.