Crystal Meth Users in Germany

The Office of the German Drug Czar reported that there were 2,556 identified crystal meth users in the country in 2012. The number of users was higher higher than the 1,693 crystal meth abusers identified in 2011. (See more facts about meth addiction.)

Criminal justice agencies in Germany seized over 75 kilograms of crystal meth in 2012, up from the 40 kilograms that was seized in 2011.

Officials state that most of the crystal meth use in German is focused inn border states with the Czech Republic, where the drug is produced.

In total, there were 19,559 illegal drug users in Germany in 2012, down from the 21,315 users in 2011.

(Cost of crystal meth per gram.)

Source: ¬†Associated Press, “German authorities report rise in crystal meth use in states bordering Czech Republic,” Montreal Gazette, April 25, 2013.