Crystal Meth Use and Market in Pakistan

An estimated 50,000 to 80,000 people in Pakistan abuse crystal meth, according to treatment officials in the city.

A typical meth user in the country spends between $5 to $10 (500 to 1,000 Pakistani Rupees) on purchasing the drug each day in the city of Karachi. In the country, meth is more expensive than heroin. A gram of meth can cost between $5 to $8 per gram (500 to 800 Rupees), while a gram of heroin costs between $3 to $5 per gram (300 to 500 Rupees). (More on how much meth costs here.)

There are an estimated 1 million drug addicts in Pakistan.

(More facts about crystal meth here.)

Source: Ammar Shahbazi, “In ghettos, a meth-merising addiction taking over,” The News, June 16, 2013.