Crystal Meth in Afghanistan

In 2012, pharmacists in Afghanistan who test drugs that were seized in the country found crystal meth samples in 48 incidents during the year. The number of crystal meth samples was tripled from the year before.

Dealers in Afghanistan who sell crystal meth receive a lighter sentence if caught. A crystal meth dealer faces up to 1 year in prison for carrying 1 kilogram of crystal meth. In comparison, an opium dealer caught with 1 kilogram of heroin would be sent to prison for an maxim of 10 years.

A single hit of crystal meth on the streets of Afghanistan costs about $20, five times the amount of a single hit of heroin.

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Source:    Amie Ferris-Rotman, “Growing crystal meth use blurs drug-hungry Afghanistan’s future,” Reuters, May 29, 2013.