Counterfeit Drugs in Liberia

Security services and public health programs in Liberia are attempting to crack down on the market in counterfeit drugs.

In six months, authorities have arrested 10 people for selling counterfeit drugs in the country. The campaign began in July 2013 in an attempt to stop the trade in fake drugs.

Buyers and sellers of counterfeit drugs state that they have no choice but to buy the drugs. One buyer interviewed by the media stated that he pays $3 for a single anti-malaria pill sold in a legitimate pharmacy. A counterfeit version of the drug is sold on the street for $1.50.

Sellers of counterfeit drugs state that they have no other way of making an income in the country.

(Additional counterfeit goods statistics.)

Source:  “Counterfeit drug war in Liberia,” IRIN, January 29, 2014.