Cost to Treat Burn Victim from Exploding Meth Labs

The cost to treat a victim who was burned from a meth lab explosion costs about $6,000 a day, according to the Associated Press. The total cost in treating a burn victim harmed from a meth lab explosion is on average $130,000, up to 60 percent higher than a non-meth lab burn victim.

Across the United States, in areas where methamphetamine are widely used, up to one-third of all burn victims in hospitals suffered their burns while cooking meth. Most of the burn victims were uninsured.

Between 2005 and 2011, at least 7 hospital burn units were shut down due to the costs of treating uninsured meth burn victims.

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Source:  Associated Press, “Meth fills hospitals with burn patients ,” MSNBC, January 23, 2012.