Cost to Buy Fake Diploma for Teaching in Asia

According to media reports in Vietnam, teachers have been found to have purchased fake diplomas and teaching credentials in order to work in local schools. Based on interviews with police, the teachers paid between $50 and $600 (1 Million  to 12 Million Vietnamese Dong) for their fake diplomas.

Fake degrees from foreign universities area available for purchase for Vietnamese residents on the Internet. A Canadian-based website that was written in Vietnamese was offering fake degrees with an embossing seal from universities such as Yale and University College London. The prices for the fake degrees were between $1,200 to $1,500.

Another website based in the United States and  written in Vietnamese was offering fake diplomas and degrees and transcripts for $2,200 to $4,900.

Source:  Heip Pham, “As degree mills proliferate, new measures published,” University World News, August 24, 2013.