Cost to Buy a Fake ID Card in Malaysia

Human smugglers offer migrants and other individuals travel “packages” that smuggles them into Malaysia and provides them with a new identity.

According to a report by the New Straits Times, smugglers offer packages for $771 (2,500 Malaysian Ringgit) that would smuggle a person into Malaysia and provide them with fake identification.

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The smugglers would provide an altered MyKad, which is the official identification card issued by the Government of Malaysia. The MyKad would be real, with the original owners id number, name and address, but would be altered with the smuggled person’s photo.

Security agents across Malaysia recently arrested 20 illegal immigrants who were working as security guards using altered MyKad documents.

Source:  Sim Bak Heng, “Brunei new entry point to Malaysia,” New Straits Times, December 16, 2013.