Cost of Empty Tiffany Blue Boxes For Sale

Websites such as eBay offer empty Tiffany blue boxes for sale on their sites that are often counterfeit knockoffs.

The famous blue boxes of Tiffany & Co. are in high demand in the auction market. According to press reports, the boxes can cost between $10 to $30 on auction websites. Quartz interviewed one seller of empty boxes who stated that his empty Tiffany box had 13 bids on it. The final price of the box was sold for $15.50.

Another purchase on eBay found a set of six empty blue boxes, two gift bags and four white satin ribbons from Tiffany sold for $95.

According to eBay, selling a box from a retailer without an acutal product is not allowed.

Tiffany & Co. stated that the blue box is a registered trademark, and that many of the boxes offered for sale are fakes.

Source:  Antonia Massa, “Tiffany’s blue boxes are red hot on the black market,” Quartz, February 6, 2014.

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