Cost of Corruption in Afghanistan in 2012

According to the United Nations, the cost of corruption in Afghanistan in 2012 was $3.9 Billion. The amount of corruption is 40 percent higher than the 2009 figure.

Despite the higher figure, the total number of people paying bribes in Afghanistan was lower than the 2009 survey. 50 percent of survey respondents reported paying bribes in 2012, compared to 59 percent in 2009. However, those paying in 2012 said that they were paying bribes more frequently.

The biggest area where bribes were being paid was in the education sector. In 2009, just 16 percent of respondents said that they were bribing teachers. In 2012, the number of people bribing teaching was at 51 percent.

The price of an average bribe paid in the country was $214.

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