Cost for Illegal Ultrasound and Abortions in China

Due to the one-child policy in China and a cultural preference for boys, there is an illegal industry of providing ultrasounds and abortions to women once it is determined that the unborn child is a female.

It is illegal in China to have an ultrasound in order to determine the gender of the baby. However, black market operators offer ultrasounds for $128-$193 (800 to 1,200 Yuan). If the parents wish to have an abortion, the cost of the procedure in China is $611 (3,800 Yuan).

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In addition to abortions, there are between 400 to 500 surrogacy clinics in China where customers pay in order conceive a child. In-vitro fertilization procedures are illegal in China as most customers due to procedure to conceive a boy.  A recent clinic that was registered as a cosmetics company was providing in-vitro fertilization for $161,000 (1 Million Yuan) for a successful birth. If the customers wanted a guarantee that they would receive a boy, then they would have to pay an additional $32,186 (200,000 Yuan).

The abortions of girls has lead to a ration of 118 boys for every 100 girls in China.

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Source:  Gwynn Guilford, “Crackdowns show how China’s one-child policy keeps the black-market boy business churning,” Quartz, March 26, 2013.