Cost to Buy MBA Degree Online

A reporter in Dubai investigating fake online degrees reported on a company that was offering MBA degrees for sale. According to the report, the online company was claiming to transfer work experience into college credit that would allow a student to easily obtain an MBA degree online.

The unaccredited university was offering MBA degrees online for $500. After contacting the “university”, academic counselors repeatedly contacted the reporter using high pressured sales tactics in order to get the reporter to buy a degree. In the span of two days after initial contact, one diploma mill contacted the reporter 27 times, while another online diploma mill contacted the reporter 24 times.

The price of a MBA degree for sale is in line with other reported prices of degrees. It was previous reported that the cost to buy a degree online was $495 for a Bachelors degree and $525 for a Masters Degree.

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Source:  Mazhar Farooqui, “Online fake degrees: XPRESS investigation part 2,”, June 4, 2014.