Contract Killings in Delhi and Mumbai

Security officials stated that they have seen up to 5 major contract killings take place in Delhi during the course of four decades. The lastest killing in the capital of India took place in 2013, where a politician was killed. Police reported that the contract for the hit on the man was $900,000 (50 Million Indian Rupees). The previous contract hit that took place in Delhi was in 2003, where the price of the contract was for $18,000 (1 Million Rupees).

Contract killers in India, also known as Supari, have a history in the Mumbai underworld. The first reported contract killing officially registered by police was in 1969, where a ganger was paid 10,000 Pakistan Rupees to carry out a hit.

In 2013, organized crime groups in Mumbai hire hitmen for between $35 to $900 (2,000 to 50,000 Indian Rupees) to carry out murders, according to law enforcement in the city.

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Source: ┬áKritka Sharma, “The Rs 5 crore contract killing of Bhardwaj shows murder is still big business in the Delhi and Mumbai underworlds,” Daily Mail India, April 11, 2013.