Child Prostitution in Brazil

The National Forum for the Prevention of Child Labor estimates that there were around 500,000 child prostitutes across Brazil in 2012.

The number of children in the sex industry has continually grown in Brazil. In 2001, there were 100,000 children working as prostitutes. In 2010, there were 250,000 children.

In an interview with a former child prostitute, the 16 year old girl told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that she was making about $18 a night catering to local customers. Eventually, she began targeting nightclubs and foreign tourists, where her nightly earnings increased to $90 per night.

(More black market income and earnings.)

While being interviewed at a shelter for children escaping the sex trade, the girl stated that she once purchased a fake id for $212 (500 Brazilian Reais) when a foreign tourist promised to take her to Europe.

Source:  Adriana Brasileiro, “Brazil’s child sex trade thrives as World Cup looms,” Thomson Reuters Foundation, December 3, 2013.