Number of Counterfeit Airbags Available

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that counterfeit airbags that can be installed in 0.1 percent of the entire vehicle fleet in the country, or about 250,000 cars on the road. Around tens of thousands of the counterfeit airbags are believed to have been installed in vehicles.

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New Era Sales Loss to Replica Baseball Caps

United States based cap maker New Era reported losing $300 Million a year in sales to foreign companies selling counterfeit baseball caps. In 2011, the company seized 850,000 counterfeit versions of its baseball caps in 298 factories in Brazil, China and Vietnam.

According to company officials, only 30 to 40 percent of the counterfeit market in baseball caps are being seized.

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Cost to Buy Fake College Transcripts for Traffickers

In the US State of Florida, a human trafficking investigation by officials discovered over 80 massage therapists who obtained fake and fraudulent massage theory licensees.

The women were reported to have paid between $10,000 to $15,000 to obtain fake college certificates and transcripts.

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