Casinos in Japan Managed by the Yakuza

Organized crime groups in Japan are running illegal gambling dens where computers display video of casinos in the Philippines and Costa Rica. The players in Japan watch the monitor and place their bets accordingly. The casinos in the foreign country are legal, while the gambling on the feed in Japan is not.

The virtual casino in Japan pays the actual casino 50 cents to receive a point, which is then sold to the gambler in Japan for $1. These points are used as casino chips when playing. 80 percent of the Japanese gamblers play baccarat.

According to law enforcement, these virtual casinos in Japan earn about $50,500 (5 Million Japanese Yen) each month.

(More earnings of illegal casinos.)

Source:  “Internet tele-casinos may be newest bet for yakuza groups,” Asahi Shimbum, September 16, 2013.