Price to Buy Cancer Drugs in Turkey’s Black Market

The Turkish Pharmacologists Association takes between 2 to 30 days to import cancer treatment drugs for over 30,000 patients each month. Due to this delay, a black market managed by hospital staff has developed in hospitals across Turkey.

According to media reports, the cancer treatment drug Deticene normally costs $27 (52 Turkish Liras). If a patient wanted to quickly purchase this drug on the black market, then the price for the drug is $482 (900 Liras). The leukemia treatment drug Purinethol is normally priced at $4.83 (9 Liras), but was being sold by illegal vendors for $64 (120 Liras).

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Source:¬† “Lack of cancer medicine leads to black market,” Hurriyet Daily News, May 28, 2013.