Buying US Military Supplies in Kabul, Afghanistan

According to an investigation by NBC News,  supplies from the United States military are being sold in street markets in Kabul, Afghanistan. Along with whey protein powder, Oakley sunglasses and lemon-scented Pledge, hardware from US security forces are openly sold.

Based on the report, high-tech night vision goggles were being sold for $1,500. Firearm scopes are sold in the stalls for $200, and U.S. military issued infrared sights sell for $250.

Military uniforms of the Afghan National Army are also sold at these stalls. For a national army uniform, a customer would have to pay $50. For the entire uniform including boots and badges, a customer would pay $125.

(Price of AK-47s and other guns sold on the black market.)

Security officials with the United States Defense Department are concerned that these uniforms and supplies allow insurgents to gain access to US bases and to commit insider attacks.

Source:  Kiko Itasaka, “In Afghanistan, insider attacks begin with a trip to the market,” NBC News, October 6, 2013.