Bride Trafficking of Cambodian Women

A human trafficking ring was broken up by security services in Cambodia that was trafficking Cambodian women to China.

Three Cambodian women, aged between 19 to 21, were being sold as brides to Chinese men. Two individuals in the ring were being paid $1,500 to find women that could be sold. The main trafficker would then sell the women to men in China at prices between $5,000 to $10,000 per person.

(The price of humans when sold by traffickers.)

There has been a rise in the number of bride trafficking cases involving China. Due to its one child policy, the ration of men to women in China is currently 14 men to 1 women. This has led to many men being unable to find a wife, thus creating the human trafficking market for brides. It was previously reported that girls from Myanmar were sold to men in rural China for $700. Women from Vietnam have also been targeted as brides, with men in China paying $5,700.

(Under the table jobs earnings.)

Source:  Buth Reakksmey Kongkea, “Brides-to-be rescued from being ‘trafficked’,” Phnom Penh Post, December 16, 2013.