Bribes Paid to Security Agents in North Korea

According to defectors and intelligence analysts, North Korean security agents are increasing their inspections on regional offices after an order by leader Kim Jong-un. As a result of the increased surveillance, the amount of bribes being paid to the security services have increased in 2013.

According to intelligence sources in North Korea, local party officials offer drugs, cash, meals and other gifts to the inspectors when they show up. Top officials receive up to $2,000 in bribes, while propaganda officers, state inspectors, and Defense commission members all receive up to $1,000 per visit.

(Examples of political corruption worldwide.)

In addition to the increase in bribes, a mass execution recently took place in a stadium as a results of security services finding contraband materials. Along with executions that took place across 7 cities, up to 80 people were executed in a stadium that authorities filled with over 10,000 residents in Wonsan. The crimes including watching South Korean dramas on pirated videos, being in possession of a Bible, and distributing pornography.

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