Bribes Paid in Bangladesh

A report released by Transparency International stated that $2.7 Billion (€2.1 Billion) was paid out in bribes in Bangladesh between April 2011 to April 2012.  The amount of bribes paid out is equal to 13.6 percent of Bangladesh’s national budget.

According to their survey of 7,906 households, 63.7 percent of respondents reported having to pay a bribe in order to receive government services.

The average household paid $86 (€66) in bribes throughout the year, or a tenth of the average yearly salary in the country.

The highest rate of corruption was in the labor migration sector, with 77 percent of people seeking services was forced to pay a bribe. Law enforcement agencies had the next highest rate with 75.8 percent of people forced to pay bribes, followed by land administration with 59 percent, and judicial services with 57 percent.

Source:  Shaikh Azizur Rahman, “Bribery becomes a pricey commodity in Bangladesh,” Deutsche Welle, January 8, 2013.