Bribes in the United Kingdom

In 2012, one out of 20 people claimed to have paid a bribe during the year to access public services, according to a report by Transparency International. Back in 2010, the bribery rate in the UK was one in 100.

In the breakdown, it was reported that one in five people who came in contact with the judicial system in the UK paid a bribe, and one in 10 paid bribes to obtain licenses and permits for land issues.

8 percent of UK citizens paid a bribe to a police officer, and 7 percent paid a bribe to educational officials. Four percent paid bribes to tax and customs officials, and 3 percent paid bribes to medical workers and utility companies.

(More examples of the types of corruption impacting governments.)

Source:  Jonathan Owen, “Britain’s bribery boom: One in 20 has bribed a public official as corruption rises,” Independent, July 8, 2013.