Baby Trafficking in Indonesia

Security services in Indonesia broke up a “baby farm” where mothers were being paid between $160 to $250 (1.6 Million and 2.5 Million Indonesian Rupiah) for their babies.

The baby traffickers would search for babies through maternity wards and look for unmarried or poor mothers and offer to purchase the baby. Once the group checked on the health status of the baby, they would then obtain birth certificates and other documents from corrupt officials.

Between November and December 2012, police state that up to 12 babies were bought and sold.

Police also believe that many of the babies are sold abroad for international adoption agencies. Police discovered one baby with a legitimate passport and a $500 ticket in its name to Singapore.

(Additional trafficker prices.)

Source:  Michael Bachelard, “Thousands of babies sold on Indonesian black market,” Sydney Morning Herald, May 11, 2013.