Tiger Cubs for Sale on the Black Market

A woman was caught by security services at an airport in Thailand for attempting to smuggle a baby tiger in her checked luggage. The woman was attempting to bring the tiger to Iran, where tigers are popular to keep as pets. the woman drugged the baby tiger and surrounded it with several stuffed toy tigers in an attempt to smuggle the tiger.

When available, tigers for sale in Iran’s black market are sold for $3,200 for a pet tiger.

In other areas of the world, tigers for sale are advertised for $50,000 for a live tiger.

The illegal wildlife trade has seen millions of animals and reptiles transported around the world. Between 1995 and 1999, there were over 1.5 million live birds, 640,000 live reptiles, 1.6 million lizard snake skins, and 300,000 crocodilian skins that were illegally smuggled around the world, according to wildlife monitoring organization Traffic.

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Source:  Scott Mayerowitz, “Woman Tries to Smuggle Baby Tiger on Plane,” August 27, 2010.