Amount Paid to Women in Baby Producing Factories in Nigeria

Criminal justice programs and social services in Nigeria have seen a rise of baby factories in the country where women bear babies that are sold to couples.  Women between the ages of 14 to 25 are kept in buildings primarily in the south east region of the country. In the buildings, the women are either forced or convinced to get pregnant and to sell the baby for a fee.

According to one woman who was kept in a factory, she was promised $378 (60,000 Nigerian Naira) is she was to produce a boy, and $189 (30,000 Naira) is she conceived a girl.

It was previously reported that these brokers would then sell the babies to couples for $1,500.

Source:  Millie Ibe, “Nigeria: Dismantling the Booming Babymaking Factories,” AllAfrica, November 28, 2013.