Average Cost to US Corporations from Cyber Attack

According to a study published by HP, the average cost to corporation in the United States from a cyber attack is $11.56 Million. The costs associated with a cyber attack was up 26 percent from 2012 and 78 percent from 2009.

On average, there were 122 successful cyber attacks and penetrations to US companies each week in 2013.  The cost of resolve a cyber attack at a company was $32,469 per day, with each attack taking an average of 32 days to resolve.

The most expensive type of cyber crimes committed reported by the companies were denial-of-service attacks, insider attacks and other web-based attacks. These three types of cyber crimes accounted for 55 percent of all cyber security costs each year.

Source:  “Most costly cybercrime attacks: Denial-of-service, malicious insider and web-based,” Network World, October 9, 2013.