Average Amount Spent at Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada

Dennis Hof, owner of the legal brothel Moonlite Bunny Ranch in the US State of Nevada, stated in an interview with Bloomberg News that an average customer spends between $200 to $600 on a visit to the brothel.

In Fiscal Year 2012-2013, the four legal brothels in Lyon County paid $369,000 in business licensing fees to the county, along with $17,800 in work permits for the registered prostitutes.  The Moonlite Bunny Ranch reportedly paid $500,000 in taxes in 2012.

The women who work in the brothels are independent contractors who negotiate a price with the customer. Generally, the prostitutes give half of the payment to the brothel.

(Prices of prostitutes around the world.)

Source:  Alison Vekshin, “Brothels in Nevada Suffer as Web Disrupts Oldest Trade,” Bloomberg, August 27, 2013.

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