Arms Trafficking in Brazil as of 2013

Latest figures from criminal justice programs regarding the illegal arms trade in Brazil estimate that there are between 16 to 17 million firearms in circulation in the country.

Out of the total number of firearms, 5.4 million guns are legally licensed to citizens, 2.2 million are held by security forces, and 9.5 million guns are illegally trafficked and held.

Previously, it was reported that 7.6 million guns in Brazil were illegally held.

There are around 35,000 annual firearm homicides that take place in Brazil each year. Intelligence officials state that the vast majority of these killings are done by pistols and handguns that were illegally trafficked and bought in Brazil.

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Source (PDF): Robert Muggha and Gustavo Diniz, “Securing the border: Brazil’s “South America First” Approach to Transnational Organized Crime,” Igarape Institute, Strategic Paper 5, October 2013, page 6-7.