Amsterdam Red Light District Prices

In an interview with the Guardian Newspaper, a prostitution customer in the red light district of Amsterdam stated that he pays $68 (€50) to have sex in a single session with prostitutes who advertise their services through windows.

In addition, a reader of Havocscope submitted information in 2013 that stated it costs $67 to $101 for a 20 minuet session having sex with a prostitute in Amsterdam’s red light district.

The prostitution industry is legal in Amsterdam. According to legal regulations, building owners are able to charge $165 to $206 (€120 to €150) to the prostitutes for each shift that they work. Thus, a prostitute much service at least 3 customers in order to cover the cost of renting the window.

There are between 6,000 to 8,000 prostitutes providing sex in Amsterdam.

(More prices of prostitution rates around the world.)

Source:  Sabine Cessou, “Prostitution in the Netherlands: ‘Paying for sex? It’s strictly business’,” Guardian, December 11, 2013.

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