Amount of Food seizures across Europe in a Typical Week

Over the course of a one week joint operation conducted by Interpol-Europol, authorities seized the following substandard and counterfeit food items:

  • Over 13,000 bottles of substandard olive oil
  • Around 77,000 kilograms of counterfeit cheese
  • 5 tons of substandard fish and seafood
  • Over 12,000 bottles of substandard wine
  • 30 tons of counterfeit tomato sauce
  • Nearly 30,000 counterfeit candy bars

The ten countries that participated in the counterfeit food operation and where the seizures took place were Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Source: “Tonnes of Illicit Foods Seized across Europe, Bulgaria Too,” Sofia News Agency, December 7, 2011.