AK-47 Price in Syria

At the start of 2012, the black market price for an AK-47 increased to $2,100 as the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad continued.

Before the uprising and protests, the cost for an AK-47 in Syria was reported to be $1,200.

In addition to the rise in price for an AK-47, the price for other weapons sold on the black market has risen as well. In March of 2011, a rocket propelled grenade launder was sold for $900, with each grenade selling for $100 a piece. In January 2012, the price for the RPG was $2,000, with each grenade costing $500.

(Prices of guns on the black market.)

Source:  Nicholas Blanford, “As Syria unravels, prices soar for guns, grenades, and RPGs,” Christian Science Monitor, January 9, 2012.