Adderall Use by College Students

Two-thirds of college students in the United States have been offered the prescription drug Adderall by the time they are seniors, according to the Journal of American College Health. 31 percent have taken the drug.

74 percent of college students who use Adderall without a prescription are able to get the drugs from a friend. However, as the student goes through the college years, the student becomes more likely to get a prescription. The rate of using the drug with a prescription rises from 3.1 percent in their freshman year to 8.1 percent their senior year.

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Students are increasingly able to find ways to get Adderall prescribed to them. In one experiment, 93 percent of students were able to fill out a self-reported checklist and received a positive diagnosis for ADHD, of which Adderall is prescribed for. Other studies showed that students could easily find out how to get diagnosed with ADHD by searching online for 5 minutes.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 90 percent of college students who use Adderall for non-medical reasons also binge drink.

The rate of Adderall abuse has started to go to the high school level as well. In 2009, there were 5.4 percent of high school seniors across the United States who reported using Adderall without a prescription. In 2012, the rate of Adderall abuse increased to 7.6 percent.

Source:  Brandy Zadrozny, “7 Things You Need to Know About Adderall,” Daily Beast, December 2, 2013.