2011 Counterfeit goods seizures in Japan

Japanese Custom officials reported that there were 23,280 cases of counterfeit goods seizures in the country in 2011. The number of cases was the second-highest number of cases, following the 26,145 cases in 2008.

The cases in 2011 led to a total of 728,234 counterfeit items being seized from entering Japan. 94 percent of fake goods were seized while being transported by air mail.  The top counterfeit products seized during the year was purses and wallets, followed by clothes and shoes.

91.2 percent of the counterfeit goods originated from China. Back in 2006, China only accounted for 48.2 percent of seizure cases.

Counterfeit goods in Japan is estimated to cause at least $75 Billion in losses.

Source:  Hiroko Nakata, “Net shopping means unending flow of counterfeit brand-name goods,” Japan Times, June 19, 2012.