2011 Counterfeit Goods seizures by US Customs

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized 24,792 items of counterfeit goods during the Fiscal 2011 year. The value of the counterfeit goods was worth $178.9 Million.

The number of fake goods seized in FY2011 was higher than the 19,959 counterfeit goods seized in FY2010.

The highest number of counterfeit goods that was seized by officials was counterfeit electronic devices, with a majority of those devices being counterfeit cell phones.

$124.7 Million of the counterfeits originated from China, representing 62 percent of the total value.

Source: John P. Mello Jr., “Feds Seize $179M in Counterfeit Goods in 2011,” PC World, January 9, 2012.